Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'll be back...promise

Sorry about the short hiatus. Some thoughts have been circulating in my head about my next post, and I think it's going to be another longer one about what's wrong with Cameroon. There are plenty of resources and Peace Corps has been here since 1962, so why haven't we succeeded yet. I'm not an expert but I'll give my analysis on what I've found in my first eight months. Thanks for being patient.


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MBunt said...

I have (obviously, since I left a comment...) read your latest post w/regards to reading in Cameroon and w/this short post here, I wanted to ask, what do you wish to see the Peace Corps succeed in, there in Cameroon? It seems that health care needs and business changes for more prosperity would be starters, but I am just throwing out some basics - ideas from the "outside" here.

With my bit of experience, it seems that the culture, in some cases, has enough differences (from a typical American Peace Corp mindset), to where one needs to gather that into all considerations - like in one of your posts you commented that you did not understand what the President was rambling about w/regards to sorcery. This (witchcraft), I believe, from my experience, is so deeply ingrained in cultural thoughts that create choices in actions - that it cannot be overlooked in enabling social changes that can, in a "bigger picture" help society there, as a whole. Thoughts?