Monday, May 28, 2007

T Minus 9 Days

Welcome to my blog! This is probably the first thing most of you will read, so I hope my life turns out intesting enough for you to want to keep reading about it. My goal is to create one entry once every week. I'll be writing about my personal life and what it's like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer away from my family and friends in a third world country for 2 years. Right now there are 9 Days to go until I take off! I'll be heading to Philadelphia on June 6 for three days of orientation and of course shots before the long trip to Cameroon. In the meantime, I'm trying my hardest to get everything in order as soon as possible so I am not incredibly stressed out the last couple of days before I leave.

I haven't written in a journal in a very long time, so the words for what I'm going through right now aren't exactly flying out of my head. I have a feeling that over time, as I get used to doing this, the entries will get longer and the writing will get better. As for the most popular question right now - Are you nervous or excited? The answer is yes. Don't feel bad if you were one of the people to ask it, just know that you are in good company.

I'll try to write again before orientation.